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Hello, my name’s Honie (pronounced like honey🐝)!

In first-grade, when asked the daunting question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Honie gave three answers: 1) Be an Artist 2) Be an Author 3) Be a ‘Smoothie Maker’. To achieve these goals, Honie moved from sunny Southern California to study Illustration and Sequential Art at Maryland Institute College of Art. Now based in Greenville, South Carolina Honie spends her free time drinking (a lot) of coffee, playing (badly) the mandolin, and doodling (on important documents) dragons.

Her work is inspired by the countless books she consumed as a child and a desire to spark that same passion in others.

If you’d like to hire me as an illustrator, I am represented

by the Bright Agency. 


Scholastic Inc.

Santa Clarita LGBTQ Center 

Academy of the Canyons

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World Illustration Awards Shortlisted Artist 2022

World Illustration Awards Longlisted Artist 2022

Wonders Illustrated Exhibit 2022, Hicks Art Center Gallery in Newtown, PA

World Illustration Awards Shortlisted Artist 2021


World Illustration Awards Longlisted Artist 2021


College of the Canyons Valedictorian 2019


President's Award for Educational Excellence 2019


Fast Fun Facts:


Where did you go to school? 

College of the Canyons ‘19 for Humanities Studies

Maryland Institute College of Art ‘22 for Illustration & Sequential Art


Favorite Color?


Favorite Movie? 

A tie between Alien and Pacific Rim! (I love Sci-Fi)


What are your hobbies outside of art?

I, badly, play the mandolin. I also collect small plastic dinosaurs and plants. 

Favorite Weather?

Loud thunderstorms. 

What tools do you use to illustrate?

Procreate and Adobe Suite! I love the MaxPack gouache + water color brushes for Procreate. I also use my own gouache textures in my digital art.

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